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Frequently Asked Questions

What's a unique authenticating user?

This refers to the number of distinct individuals authenticating with your website or app during a given period, regardless of the number of interactions for each user. For example, a user logging in 10 times in a month is counted as 1 unique authenticating user.

Will I be locked-in to your service?

Your customer lists can be exported at any time. We use the industry standard, bcrypt, to store password hashes and do not take ownership of your social identity providers. This enables you to move off of our platform at any time.

Can I pay by registrants instead of uniques?

Yes. For some business models, it makes sense to pay by total number of registrants instead of uniques. Please contact our sales team for more information.

Why do you charge by monthly uniques?

Many companies charge by total number of users. This is a bad deal for the customer as your monthly cost will only increase, even if your monthly volume goes down. We charge based on your activity for each month to more fairly charge based on resources used.