Tracking Pixel

In addition to your tracking javascript, you can also embed tracking pixels to monitor customer use of your services beyond page views (such as email and ad views).

Use tracking pixels to track events such as:

  • Email Open Rates
  • Ad Views
  • Mobile App Interactions
  • Etc.

To track an event via the tracking pixel, simply include this image on a website, in an email, or request the image via your mobile app.

Pixel Event Tracking

client_id*Your app's client_id.
urlThe url for the current event to track. Must be url escaped. (ex:
referrerThe referring url for the user. Useful for tracking a visitor's first visit to your property. (ex:
titleThe title of this event, usually the name of the email or webpage. (ex: Awesome+Landing+Page)
typeThe event type this represents. (ex: user_read_email)
email_addressOnly use this when tracking email views. It is used to tie email views back to the correct user account, because cookies are not reliable as email is often viewed outside of a user's browser. (ex:

Build your tracking pixel:


Pixel URL: