Getting Started

Below you'll find tutorials that will show you how to integrate Credential into your websites and apps.


Connect.js allows you to add social log-in and authentication to your site with minimal programming. Add a tag to your site and implement a callback and DailyCred will provide the rest.

Get started with Connect.js.

Server-Side OAuth

On the Desktop and Web you can use the server-side flow to handle user authentication.

Like FaceBook, DailyCred implements OAuth 2.0. If you've implemented Facebook OAuth, DailyCred will be very familiar. (Actually, we hope we've made it a bit easier.)

Get started with Server-Side OAuth.

Client-Side OAuth

Client-side authentication allows Web and Mobile apps to authenticate a user without the need for a server. It enables fully-javascript apps to authenticate with DailyCred.

Get started with Client-Side OAuth.


DailyCred's REST API makes it possible to make a customized front-end. This allows you to keep your users on your website while they authenticate.

Get started with the REST API.

Use a Framework

If you're using a framework to handle authentication, we may have a module to make your life easier. We currently support:

Check out our Ruby tutorial, view the code, or check out the demo app.