Custom Domains (CNAME)

Using a custom domain, you can serve some assets from your own domain.

Dailycred makes it easy to use our login pages on your domain. This has the advantage of providing you with a functional login screen immediately while giving your users the security of knowing that they are on a domain they are familiar with.

1: Setup a Subdomain

Set up any subdomain you wish with a cname record that points to

For example: this will set up to load

2. Update your app settings

In your app settings, specify your subdomain from step 1. Use the full name, for example,

3. Update your Tags

Be sure to get an updated javascript tag to put on your website. This will load all Dailycred assets through your cname. Note: if you skip this step, your client dashboard will not be able to connect visitors on your site to converted users.

4. Update your Links

Update any remaining links on your site to point to your domain.