Thank you for an amazing first quarter

Q1 of this year has been an amazing ride here at DailyCred. In terms of user accounts of file, DailyCred exceeded our 2013 total in just two months, and things aren't slowing down. We look forward to continuing to grow along with our many new clients.


Posted 20 March 2014 by juliuss

How to integrate Dailycred with an existing rails project


Even if you've already set up authentication, Dailycred can be extremely helpful as a proxy for other authentication providers. For example:

  • Not all OAuth providers allow you to pass state, and none of them allow you to pass additional parameters like 'referrer'.
  • You get instant access to a comprehensive dashboard to view your users and get a deeper insight into their behavior.
  • Only implement one omniauth provider, and then send your user to any identity provider by sending them to the following route:

    connect_path(identity_provider: "{provider here}")

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CRM + Analytics

Have you ever noticed how difficult it is to tie data from your Google Analytics, Facebook, and CRM platform together?

These services are critical to running an online business, but the data they produce are siloed in a way that limits their effectiveness.

DailyCred wants to fix that.

We have combined website tagging (similar to Google Analytics) and augmented it with data your company collects from Facebook (and other social networks).

This data together is more than the sum of its parts. With DailyCred, you can learn more about your customer, individually or in agregate, than ever before.

Big companies have the resources to pull all of this data together into customized backoffice systems. DailyCred is now making this affordable to any sized company.

How it works

  • Website Tagging: Tag your website, just like you do with Google Analytics. This allows DailyCred to track events that happen on your website.
  • Facebook Connect Proxy: Add your Facebook app details to DailyCred and replace your links to authenticate on Facebook with links to DailyCred. DailyCred will tie the user back to their website activity before converting. This step is seamless for the user.

By tying these two data sources together, we can build you an amazing dashboard with both website analytics and social data.

Customer Profiles

Once you start using DailyCred as a proxy to Facebook, you can take advantage of DailyCred's Customer Profiles which provides you with CRM (Customer Relationship Management) features for all visitors of your company's website.

From each customer's profile you can email them, see the types of client they are using, make notes, ban them from logging in, delete their account, and more. We also show the complete user history on the customer profile screen, so you can provide better support to your users.

Please check out our demo to learn more.


Posted 10 April 2013 by juliuss

Announcing CName & Mozilla Persona Support


We're super excited about some new features on Dailycred and we'd love to share them with you.

Custom Domain Support

You can now use your own domain throughout the entire DailyCred experience by setting up a cname. For more information, visit the documentation.

More Identity Providers Including Mozilla Persona

  • Mozilla Persona
  • LinkedIn
  • Stripe
  • Windows Live
  • Instagram
  • Disqus
  • Github
  • AngelList
  • Google
  • Twitter
  • Facebook

We're super excited to have integrated Persona into Dailycred, but it requires a few extra steps.

Click here to learn how to integrate Dailycred with Persona.


Posted 08 April 2013 by juliuss

BCrypt Calculator


BCrypt Tester



Posted 07 December 2012 by juliuss

Single sign-on for your websites

Shared Users

Introducing multiple app support and single sign-on for your DailyCred account. Now users from all of your apps and websites can be linked together into one unified system. Each of your apps can keep its own unique branding and social permissions, while sharing a common user account list.

  • For Mobile: connect all your apps and companion websites, while allowing users to keep their same credential everywhere
  • For Marketers: create campaigns and unique Facebook apps that feed into a consistent mailing list
  • For Publishers: bring together a family of websites under a single-signon and common CRM view

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DynamoDB shortcomings (and our work arounds)

At Dailycred we use DynamoDB as a data store, and there's a lot to like about it:

  • scalability and simplicity of NoSQL
  • consistent performance
  • low learning curve
  • it comes with a decent object mapper for Java

It's a great service considering how new it is, but it definitely still has some rough edges that make some things harder than we expected.

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How we are fixing pricing

When we announced our big update on HackerNews recently, we also changed our pricing. We did a couple things wrong that scared away people who wanted to sign-up.

How we screwed up:

  • no free tier to try the service
  • a credit card screen that scared people away

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DailyCred adds Instagram and Disqus providers

DailyCred now supports and Instagram and Disqus, so users have more options in how they join your site.

Adding these options is easy: simply enter the app id & secret to your settings page and choose which providers you want to offer.

More options coming soon! If you'd like to vote for your favorites, drop us a line:


Posted 25 October 2012 by juliuss

Dailycred now supports Facebook, Twitter, Google, and Email user accounts

Now you can let users join your site with their Facebook, Twitter, or Google accounts. No additional coding required!

Simply visit your DailyCred dashboard and choose the providers you want to add. If you need help getting set up, please contact us at


Posted 18 October 2012 by thedavematthews

Surprise! People hate being forced to use Facebook

When you sign up for a new website, do you use the convenient "Connect with Facebook" option? Or do you just make an email & password account?

In this post we take a look at signups for our previous startup and conduct a "man on the street" survey to see how people feel about Facebook Connect.

Survey says? "hell no"

We wanted to know how real people feel about this, so we hit the streets to ask random tourists in Seattle's Pike Place market for their reaction.

Don't worry, we used pictures to make sure they knew what we were talking about.

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Tutorial: Creating a Rails To-Do app with Dailycred

Today I'll be showing you guys how to add DailyCred to a fully functional Ruby on Rails application to get comprehensive authentication functionality. This tutorial assumes you have a basic understanding of Ruby on Rails (RoR) and can follow along basic tutorials. Before you get started you need to sign up for dailycred so you can get API keys, which you can obtain on your settings page.

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Get an email when press, investors, or competitors use your app

During our fund-raising and launch process, we always wanted to know when a journalist or potential investor signed up for our service. Starting today we'll email you the instant a VIP signs up for your app or website.

But we don't stop there. We'll also link you to their user profile in DailyCred's CRM so you can watch them use your service in real-time. Don't go into another pitch meeting blind; go in knowing what kind of experience they had using your service.

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What Startups Waste Time Doing

#1 thing startups waste the most time building: Sign in.

#2: analytics to watch users sign in.

Hark founder - David Aronchick


Posted 05 July 2012 by DailyCred

Meet DailyCred


Posted 05 July 2012 by DailyCred