Introducing multiple app support and single sign-on for your DailyCred account. Now users from all of your apps and websites can be linked together into one unified system. Each of your apps can keep its own unique branding and social permissions, while sharing a common user account list.

  • For Mobile: connect all your apps and companion websites, while allowing users to keep their same credential everywhere
  • For Marketers: create campaigns and unique Facebook apps that feed into a consistent mailing list
  • For Publishers: bring together a family of websites under a single-signon and common CRM view
Shared Users

On your DailyCred dashboard you can view the details of a single app at a time, or activity across all your projects at once. To add an application, select Create a new App from your account settings page.

Social Signin buttons

Other New Features

In addition to signle sign on, we've added key-value pair storage and additional social identity providers to DailyCred.

Custom Key Value Pairs

If you need to store additional information about your users, you can store custom Key Value pairs with the user. This is an easy way to keep track of user data that's specific to your users and apps. Details can be found in the User API documentation.

More Social Identity Providers

DailyCred supports connections to:

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Google
  • Disqus
  • Instagram
  • Windows Live
  • Stripe
  • GitHub
  • AngelList
  • Email & Password style accounts

You can choose which providers to include on each of your apps, and DailyCred will look after linking the accounts together. Supporting OAuth for multiple providers has never been easier.

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