Have you ever noticed how difficult it is to tie data from your Google Analytics, Facebook, and CRM platform together?

These services are critical to running an online business, but the data they produce are siloed in a way that limits their effectiveness.

DailyCred wants to fix that.

We have combined website tagging (similar to Google Analytics) and augmented it with data your company collects from Facebook (and other social networks).

This data together is more than the sum of its parts. With DailyCred, you can learn more about your customer, individually or in agregate, than ever before.

Big companies have the resources to pull all of this data together into customized backoffice systems. DailyCred is now making this affordable to any sized company.

How it works

  • Website Tagging: Tag your website, just like you do with Google Analytics. This allows DailyCred to track events that happen on your website.
  • Facebook Connect Proxy: Add your Facebook app details to DailyCred and replace your links to authenticate on Facebook with links to DailyCred. DailyCred will tie the user back to their website activity before converting. This step is seamless for the user.

By tying these two data sources together, we can build you an amazing dashboard with both website analytics and social data.

Customer Profiles

Once you start using DailyCred as a proxy to Facebook, you can take advantage of DailyCred's Customer Profiles which provides you with CRM (Customer Relationship Management) features for all visitors of your company's website.

From each customer's profile you can email them, see the types of client they are using, make notes, ban them from logging in, delete their account, and more. We also show the complete user history on the customer profile screen, so you can provide better support to your users.

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