Registration &
User Management Made Simple

Everything you need to manage users for your websites and apps.

Manage your users without development

Registration, social registration, resetting passwords, monitoring events, banning users, deleting or creating accounts and logging in as your users: it's all built in and ready to go.

We create a record of every user that visits your website. We even show you how they found you, what campaign they came from, and what they did on your site before signing up.

Add authentication to your website in minutes

DailyCred provides everything you need for authentication within a single JavaScript tag.

Tag your website with our JavaScript tag, provide a link to sign up, and create a callback url and you're done.

If you like, you can also create completely customized forms or even use our API directly.

Step 1: Tag your website

Step 2: Add sign in links

Battle Tested & Instantly Scalable

DailyCred hosts over 150 million user accounts over thousands of deployments. Our APIs can scale to meet customers of any size or scope, large or small.

Thousands of companies and developers have built companies on DailyCred's APIs. Our uptime and availability is made entirely transparent on our public status page. 2014 uptime exceeded 99.99%.

Realtime API requests

Affordable enterprise-level security

DailyCred implements multiple layers of security to keep your customers' details safe and secure, including tried-and-true security measures such as Strict Transport Security, and exponential backoff on failed password attempts. DailyCred uses the industry standard bcrypt to store salted password hashes in a secure datacenter.

Single-sign-on isn't just for big companies

Single-sign-on (SSO) allows your customers to move between applications, websites, blogs, wikis and more — all while using a single account.

DailyCred can be implemented into any platform or language capable of making a webservice request, from Drupal to Rails, Objective C to Android — all at a fraction of the cost of a dedicated authentication server.

Zero Lock-in

Migrate off of DailyCred at anytime. We use open standards like OAuth and BCrypt to prevent lock-in.

User-level Analytics

We create a detailed customer record for every user. View any customer's entire event history at any time.

Network Crawling

We pull all of your user's social data into a single place, including your users' Facebook friends.

Password Resets

We handle the entire password reset flow for you. Of course you can customize it to suit your needs.

Email Validation

We can validate your users' emails with no effort from you. Check a box and you're done!

Drop-in UI

Use Connect.js to get all of your user authentication flows done in only minutes.

slide2Manage users with the DailyCred dashboard.
slide1Track your growth metrics with no additional code.
slide3Monitor log-in locations accross the globe.
slide4Deploy authentication in minutes with our drop-in code.
slide5Explore users' social networks and data.

Simple pricing

Pay based on unique authenticated users, not API calls.

Your first 1,000 users each month are free.

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