Identity made simple

Everything you need to manage users for your website or app.

Combine your Facebook Data & Web Analytics

Understand your customers better than ever before.

CRM & Backoffice without the Hassle

We create a record of every user and lead that signs up on your website. We even show you how they found you, what campaign they came from, and what they did on your site before signing up.

Resetting passwords, monitoring events, banning users, deleting or creating accounts and viewing your website as your users can be handled by any team member.

One API for 12 OAuth Providers

Regardless of how your users sign up, DailyCred gives you access to identity information with a single consistent API.

Sometimes users forget exactly how they signed up, so DailyCred prevents duplicate accounts for the same user.

User Management without Development

Everything you need is included: email verification, password resets, session cookies, and all the UI you need for sign in, and sign up. Skip all this work and get running instantly.

If you already have a sign-in system, DailyCred sits side-by-side with the full power of user APIs and dashboards.

Launch Plan

  • two app limit
  • no custom domains
  • limited support


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Traction Plan

  • multiple apps
  • custom domains
  • email support

$25 / 50,000 MAU

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30 days free

Corporate Plan

  • all plan features
  • 24/7 phone support

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